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It’s been 20 years since anyone attempted a similar comprehensive overview of rock, pop and alternative music. Fred Goodman’s The Mansion On The Hill — published way back in 1997 — was the last time. Since then the music industry has been revolutionised. Not only that, but the new developments have revealed huge flaws in the traditional rock music narrative that existed in the 1990s and permeated for example Goodman’s assumptions. The time is ripe to re-examine rock and pop. The Day Alternative Music Died — working title; we’re open to suggestions on the title — does this job brilliantly. Readers all over the world have been waiting for a book like this... Read more

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Authors London is a literary agency based in London and founded by Mal Smith and Chris Carr.

Mal Smith has worked in the music industry for twenty-five years, starting at Rykodisc. He set up his own PR consultancy Delta PR in London in 1994, later teaming with Chris Carr. Mal has worked with all the major record companies and many great independent labels and with various book publishers. And with recording artists such as 16 Horsepower, John Cale, Neal Casal, Thea Gilmore, Peter Hammill, Hawkwind, Per Ubu, and John Prine, to name just a few. In his spare time, Mal Smith studied for a Politics degree at Queen Mary, University of London and then got a Masters in Public Policy at King’s College London. He loves London and is something of a film buff. He has had a beard for rather a long while, rather longer than he would like to mention. Mal Smith enjoys working with Chris Carr; the duo have worked together for twenty years. Mal enjoys reading about a range of topics. He takes a particular interest in books about film, and about music, and he likes crime fiction and noir, and books about public policy and political philosophy. It has to be special.

Chris Carr edited and published a punk fanzine in 1977. He went on to work with the legendary Keith Altham, become head of press at Arista Records and team up with Mal Smith at Delta PR. Chris has also worked with all the major record companies as well as many great independents. Chris has worked with artists such as The Rolling Stones, John Cale, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Sam Moore, Bob Neuwirth, Patti Smith and Uncle Tupelo. That is a sample. He’s acted as consultant to writers, authors and book publishers. Chris Carr is acknowledged in numerous books and has been interviewed many times for books and documentaries. He’s had his own label Yellow Moon which released albums by Uncle Tupelo and John Cale; and Chris has managed wonderful bands and artists. Chris is known to have a soft spot for Ernest Hemingway and is an avid reader of all sorts of books, non-fiction and fiction. Like Mal, Chris lives in London.
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